Switching CMSes

Co-facilitated session with Pattie Reaves at SRCCON 2017.

Is your newsroom moving to WordPress? Moving away from WordPress? Moving to your parent company’s CMS? Moving to Arc? Building a new CMS from scratch using Node? Rails? Django? (Are you using Django-CMS or Mezzanine or Wagtail?) Going headless with WordPress? Going headless with React?

…or is your newsroom paralyzed by the sheer magnitude of the task of choosing and migrating to a new CMS, let along upgrading your current one?

This session explored the why and how of migrating content to new systems. When is it time to change up your CMS, and why? When is it better to repair your ship instead of jumping off? What does the transition process look like— for instance, how do you handle your archival stories, or make sure your frontend and backend features are in sync? How do you pull it off (technically)? How do you pull it off (organizationally)? Most importantly: is it worth it?

Notes & Resources